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Inspired by my little Shibe! MuchFin is about making chores fun!

First off, we used best practices in the design of this site. It is intended to be Safe, Secure and FUN! Dogecoin is fun, but we are not responsible for any lost, missplaced or even "stolen" Doge for anyreason.

Currently we do not generate the wallets (private or public).I do plan on implementing this later, when I can confirm a secure way to supply private keys to you
For now - You will need to ONLY provide the public keys for 2 Wallets- THIS IS THE SAFEST POSSIBLE OPTION ANYWAY not that were going to be dealing with millions of coins anyway - but in 10 years who knows.

  • 1: First wallet will be the little shibes primary wallet. This will be used to send Doge for completing tasks, AND for the little Shibe to spend.
  • 2: The Second wallet is used to hold SPENT doge. The concept is the parent will store the private key for this wallet until the little shibes 18th birthday!(consider it like a "round up" savings accoun in concept)
  • 3: the parent also needs a wallet, but i'm sure you already have one.
You will simply need to download a Doge Wallet on your Little Shibes device and enter in their public address so MuchFin can see the balance and transactions.
We dont store private keys. So this is safe and secure. We just use an API to see the balances.

You can set Onetime, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Tasks and set how much DOGE they're worth.

You can set Reward Items!

You can track your payments by marking Tasks paid!

Task and Reward emails are sent directly to the parents. Adding Text Messages soon!